Hi, I'm Cheryl Ann. The force behind Boho Chicks and creative business owner. I run Boho Botanicals, a bath and body works company. Good smells in herbal bases make me smile. I am also working on another company, Black Brambles for men's products.

I like to write in pencil. I make copious notes and I hate mistakes, even casual ones. I like to be able to erase and rewrite because that's how I learn. I love ellipses....they make writing feel alive to me. I love hazelnut lattes and chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts. I admire individuality and integrity. The combination is practically unbeatable in my eyes! I can tolerate many things if they are founded on these two principles.

My code of ethics is entirely contained in the poem "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann. I grow every day, I learn every day. To strive to learn is the same as breathing.

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